Today we are under attack by the 8th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

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Today we are under attack by the 8th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

1st Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

Under the name of Hyksos and Elamites invaded south, today’s China, killing all Pelasgian (white) male population and committing massive rapes of females. In the central area of today’s China they found powerful resistance and were forced to turn South West. To protect their territories from the counter attacks, those that remained began the construction of the Great Wall. The advancing horde then invaded Assyria and Babylon, which in the end fell.

In Babylon they found the city of Ur, as a tribute to the mother land (the city of Ur of Mongolia) and to honor the God Sin/Sion (Zion) of Selene (moon). In that place, Habra Khan was born (Habra Khan > Habrahan > Abraham), father of Jacob, Isaac and the genealogical line of David and Jesus Christ.

The Assyrian-Babylonians revolted and drove the Hebrew-Mongol Elamites out of their territories. A part of them (Elamites) under the leadership of Abraham headed towards Egypt, which they crippled through internal conspiracies. The other part headed to the east and invaded India where it waged wars that destroyed the Pelasgian population there. From there they formed the Semitic Arabs, who up until today are Israel’s supposed enemies, until the total genocide of the non Semite Arabs (of Pelasgian origin) of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Palestine.

2nd Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

Under the name Japanese they invaded the island of Ainus (island of Ionian colonists), today’s Japan. They genocided the Ionian tribes , keeping alive as slaves only the ones expert in fishing and boat building in the coast areas.

The Mongols Khan of Japan in cooperation of the Bavarian Mongols Othon Khan, produce in 1930AD the fascist axis against themselves .

3rd Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

Under falsely naming themselves Dories (after the ancient Hellenic tribe of Dories) they traveled through the southern coast of the Black Sea and invaded the Balkan Peninsula. All the Hellenic cities managed to repel their attack, but Hebrew agents achieved in infiltrating Sparta deeply in its priest orders. The horde heads to the west where they invade the Italian Peninsula and genocide the Hellenic tribes of Etrusk Sabines and Latins of Troad and Sicily . There they find the city of Rome.

Having as a tool of corrosion the priest order of Sparta, they break the Hellenians in opposing alliances. Lacedaemon of Menelaus is corrupted to the barbaric Sparta of Lycurgus that was exchanging ambassadors and letters of “National Identity” with the head priest of Jerusalem, as is extracted from the books A’ and B’ of the Maccabean of the Holy Bible, Translation of the Seventy.

4th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

Under the name of Huns and the leadership of Attila or ATL (meaning ATLantean) arrived and established themselves in eastern Hellas (today’s Turkey), Bulgaria, Bavaria and partly in Rumania. According to their fixed tactics, they slaughtered and genocided all the native European tribes.

5th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

Under the name Urges (from Ur) / Hangars (Hungarians) and the leader Jenkins Han-Khan-Kon-Koen they captured today’s Hungary, Finland, Leetonia, Estonia and other ex USSR lands. They genocided the native Pelasgian populations and especially the Russ and Thubals (descendants of the Pelasgian Scythes), who are today’s Byelorussians. Also they descent to the Balkans and destroy the Scythes.

6th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

Under the name of Seljuk they empowered the Turkish Mongols of the 4th horde of today’s Turkey. A second division took over the area of today’s Albania, where they genocided the Hellenic tribe of Illyrians.

7th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde

Under the Tamerlane attempted to invade Europe but was cut off by the Mongols of the 4th and the 6th horde, due to conflict of inner Mongolic interests. So they turned east and attacked today’s China with the help of the Mongol Manchu co of ex Manjuria.

Descendants of the 5th horde, known as Saxons headed on to the west, entering today’s Britain and continued the Atlantean expansion project by genociding the Pelasgian tribes there . They met strong resistance in the northern highlands of Scotland and in the island of Ireland. Ever since that time, the Saxons have waged wars against those two territories.

Through these wars, massive rapes of white and black women took place and gave birth to the white-mongols and black-mongols.

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