Thoughts on Ways of Treating Pussy Whipped Men

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This post suggests a controversial line of action, so let me explain the background. Pussy whipped men, either pleasers or thug-like, are going to be the single biggest obstacle in any social progress or re-equilibration.

You may have seen this yourself... married and attached men who will betray, screw over, abandon, lie, steal from others just to get some aging semi-willing pussy. While the number of such men is somewhat lower in the younger generations than the older one, they do constitute the majority of men.

So what do you do with them or to them?

My answer might sound inhumane, but the only way to solve that problem is to speed up their demise. They are beyond reason and would do the same to you if their wife/girlfriend wanted them. Speeding up their demise can be achieved through various methods.

The first method, ironically, is to facilitate feminism and unfair laws against men. You might say- that is nuts! But is it? Those laws shred the stupid suckers who have been pussy-whipped the most. Let them pay for the beliefs and actions.

Prey on and screw them and their kids at every opportunity. While that sounds bad, they would have no qualms about doing that to you in order to satisfy the demands of their wives or girlfriends. There are many opportunities to fail and over fuck over such people every day- so do it!

Work for your own needs only. Most of these creatures are counting on your tax dollars and “investments” to keep them in good shape when they are too old to work. If you work for only what YOU want, all the excess money, things, services and productivity which are supposed to keep their asses afloat will vanish. Best of all- it will not crimp your lifestyle.

Don’t try to convert men who worship pussy. Let them take the hits and die for that mistake. Those who want to change will do so by themselves.

Don’t bother about the future of civilization. If it does not work for you, let it go to hell and anybody who is standing in your path can die. Don’t bother about your future, because if you are not making it in the system right now- you will never make it in the current system/ setup.

In the worst case scenario (everything falls apart) you will die- but so does everyone else.

It is not how, and whether you die, that matters. It is how (and for whom) you live and that is YOUR choice.

The unfortunate reality is that those in power (and their offspring) have to perish or become irrelevant for change to occur. This applies to ALL social systems irrespective of historical period, race or type of social system.

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Excelent post, I agree 100%, most men want to be slaves to women and if you try to set them free they will only fight you. Ironiclly these same men get very little in the way of pussy. The harder they try to please their master the farther the goal post gets moved back on them. Their wives and girlfriends publicly disrespect them but they just go right on trying to please. They also resent the presence of another man who is not pussy whipped. It reminds them of how weak they are needing a woman in their life to validate it somehow. I don’t get it but I do know not to have pussy whipped men as friends. They only want to make your life miserable like theirs.


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