Wakanda was kind of stupid!!!

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Talking about the country from the recent Black Panther movie. Don't worry, I'm black so it's OK for me to criticize it. Just saw the movie and wanted to vent. I'd go so far as to say the movie itself wasn't good, but that's beside the point.The movie makes a big deal going on about how Wakanda is the technological marvel of the MCU, so far ahead of everyone else they made them look like cavemen. However, so little of their county made sense. Despite being so advanced, they use a hilariously outdated system to choose their king. I mean, the king is the most powerful and influential person in Wakanda, and they really just let any jackass who wants to rule have the opportunity? They don't make sure it's always the most fit to rule? You're telling me that despite being the prince and spending his whole life learning the best way to rule and solve problems, if T'challa had screwed up and lost the fight, they'd let whatever muscle-headed idiot who beat him be their king? What kind of neanderthal logic is that? Most civilized culture huh? Then you have their weird technology. Swords and spears are outdated weapons. It makes no sense that these guys don't just use guns, or blasters, or something long ranged. Sure, it helps that the bad guys have Storm Trooper aim and let you take a friggin year to throw a spear while standing right in front of them, but it's still inefficient. And don't forget those ships being launched in the dumbest way possible. Mess up even slightly and you're dead. Also, if they have so much vibranium, why don't they just make more armor out of it for his soldiers, or just his elite soldiers if they have to be exclusive? Why is Black Panther the only one allowed to have the awesome unbreakable suit? Come to think of it, why didn't they do the same thing with the flowers? Give that to his elite guys. Why couldn't his meme spitting sister whip up a gang Black Panthers? How was he the Black Panther in Civil War when he hadn't done the ritual until this movie? The war rhinos were some of the stupidest things I've ever seen. On top of the CGI just being atrocious for them, they seemed so impractical. How much time and effort had to go into breeding those things, when you can have the child super genius whip up something better? The cape shields were pretty dumb as well. All in all, it just seemed like they wanted really badly to emulate an African nation and didn't care if it made sense.

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